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About the Product Registry

MIPI established the Registry to increase focus on the quality of MIPI implementations, drive adoption and provide implementers of MIPI specifications with opportunities to demonstrate conformance and promote their products. Members can use this site to: 

  • apply to list products in the registry
  • apply to become an Independent Test Lab (requires Contributor or Board level membership)
  • submit documents supporting test equipment used in evaluating product conformance


Frequently Asked Questions about the Registry

Policy for the Product Registry Program

Policy Regarding Testing Activities

MIPI Members Site

Important Notice: The MIPI Product Registry is not a certification or compliance program. The MIPI Product Registry lists products that have been evaluated by Members, through either self-testing or a qualified independent test lab. MIPI Alliance does not itself evaluate implementations or confirm assertions of conformance.

[Submit a Product to the Registry]

All MIPI Alliance Members are eligible to have products listed in the Registry. To submit an application to list a product in the Registry, you must represent a MIPI Member company. Adopter level members may list products that have been tested by an approved Independent Test Lab.

As part of our approval process, you must supply information to help the Registry Administrator determine that the product has been properly tested, such as a test report, the test plan used to evaluate conformance to a specific MIPI Specification (normally a MIPI Conformance Test Suite (CTS), test tools used, whether the test site has been audited by an Independent Test Lab, etc. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Any Board or Contributor level Member may apply to be an Independent Test Lab. Typically, these companies will be test houses providing test services to their customers. Once approved, an Independent Test Lab may test any other Member's products, and if the product passes the conformance tests, the Member may submit the product to the Registry. When invited by another higher level Member, an Independent Test Labs may also audit that Member's testing facilities to allow any tested product in the future to bear the audited tag when listed in the Registry.

[Submit a Method of Implementation Document]

Used in support of testing the cases described in an approved MIPI Conformance Test Suite document, a Method of Implementation document tells a product tester how to use test equipment hardware and/or software and evaluate conformance. MIPI Members who develop test equipment may submit their MOI documents for review and approval for use by Independent Test Lab and self-testing Contributor and Board companies in evaluating Member products.

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